Quit smoking

You win the smoke!
rzucanie palenia rzucanie palenia

Get rid of addiction:

  • effectively

  • safely
  • non-invasive
  • quickly (just one treatment to get rid of addiction)
  • Types of Therapies:

    Therapy 15 min.

    15 min treatment, consists of 1 program which rejects nicotine.

    Therapy 25 min.

    25 min treatment, consists of 2 programs which rejects nicotine and aligns the patient’s biofield.

    Therapy 40 min.

    40 min treatment, consists of 4 programs. The main tasks of this therapy are alignment of the patient’s biofield, rejection of nicotine, cleansing the body of toxins and the disappearance of cravings on cigarette.

    rzucanie palenia